Week 1 Harvest Basket

Straight from Snowsbend Farm!

So once a week until after Thanksgiving we will get a harvest basket filled with veggies and fruit from the farm.
How is awesome is that??

David and I will start planning menus around what we get in the harvest basket. We will be learning how to eat "seasonally" with a few items here and there from the store.

We are very excited!

Either Thursday night or Friday I will post a picture of what we get and what it is!

Week 1:

Salad Mix (20 different kinds of lettuce including arugula, tatsoi, and mizuna)
Spring Onions (they said in the "News from the Bend" that they are super sweet)
Easter Egg Radishes
Turnip Greens
Strawberries (2 pints... score!)

If you have any recipes or tips on these feel free to share!! 

Okay back to my hot tea... sickness is no fun. I am reminded of that every time I get sick. 
Always a bright side though... 
good timing this time. No class today just work (which was manageable), and no traveling this weekend... I am hoping to be feeling good enough to go to A-Day game though...
Roll tide!

Stay well and go eat some veggies :)


  1. Our farmers market just started as well and I love them! Check out Southern Living's farmers market cookbook- they have great inspiration for seasonal meals!


  2. Love your blog! I am your new follower... can't wait to read more of your posts!
    Thanks for the cookbook recommendation... I have checked it out and can't wait to try some recipes!


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