Need Soup.

I am sick... no fun at all.
But it is the most convenient time for this sickness to occur I must say.

Good timing immune system.

I had a big test Tuesday (it went good, thanks for the prayers) and now the professors are out of town at a conference so NO CLASS (partttay... not)! Meaning... all I have on the schedule is work.
I am going to use this time wisely...
(ya know, catch up on magazines and watch television)... 
I mean...
Plan out next week's meals, make a to-do list for the rest of the semester (2. more. weeks.), OH and get rid of this nasty sickness.

Sick action is sad though because I did have to call into work today AND miss church tonight... bad action :(
Missed my girls!

Missing my smiling chicks too!

So me and hot tea have been having a grand day together.

I bought mine at Winn Dixie. 
Bath salts.. where have you been all my life?!? My sister (well it was a bday gift from the Amonites), gave me a lavender bath salt for nighttime and a lemon balm bath salt for daytime. I love these... it was perfect for a bath during the day! She got them from Whole Foods
Also some solid perfume and lip gloss (she is THE best gift giver... seriously, and her husband too. They are just a triple threat with their gift giving skills)...

For day... used this today.

For night... will use tonight.
Now for some soup. I had rice, black beans, and stock. I have frozen veggies in the freezer and some meat in the fridge already cooked... see my immune system has good timing, there will be no heavy cookin' needed tonight OR running and getting ZOES chicken and orzo soup like I normally do when I am sick :)

Must have a big bowl... that one is directly from NYC, thanks best friend :)
Some lime and a TINY sprinkle of Celtic Sea Salt to try to liven up the taste buds.

I did 1/4 cup of black beans, a little over 1/4 cup of brown rice, and I will just pour stock until it looks like soup.
David and I did walk over to our blessed garden. It is not a pond anymore... more like a swamp. We are thinking of investing in a giant umbrella... just kiddin... I better not mention that to David, he might actually try that (he loves that garden so much, it is so sweet). 

We have more rain and storms possible Friday (check out the current forecast here, if you live in Alabama), so we are praying that the sunny days (today and tomorrow) will dry everything out really good... honestly, the plants look great! They are growing strong and we have lost 1 cucumber plant so far (that is pretty good for all this rain we have had)! And really it is showing signs of life... it is fighting hard and David and I are cheering it on!

Anyways... we went over to check on the DC Garden Plot #2 and I cut me some flowers to hopefully make me feel better.... at least it makes my apartment all bright and pretty!

See that daisy... it is so cute isn't it!?
It is my first one, hoping another one will come up soon!

This is the bundle outside on the patio.
Natural light is just so pretty on that pink and purple.

Well I am going to continue to drown myself in hot tea :) 
Off to eat that soup!

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