Flowers and a torte

Whew this was a whirlwind of a weekend... but after this test Tuesday I will get a "break" and I canNOT wait!!

Few happenings... 

Birthday breakfast with a great friend... at Edelweiss. 
The sweet girls even put a candle in my bagel :)
Then grad school friend and I rewarded ourselves with Gigi's cupcakes after our presentations were complete (Thursday night) yah!!

I got David a surprise too... he worked really hard last week (well every week but ya know)!
I loved my leaning tower of Strawberry!

Then I babysat Friday night... got to hold a cute baby boy and hang out with his cool sis! He didn't feel amazing so he did cry after about 2 hours straight of happy/giggling baby (I knew it would happen haha)... Have you ever babysat and you get really desperate and GOOGLE soothing music for babies?? Well I did.... haha after I tried a million other things (milk, puffs, water, diaper, etc.). 
Great kids... I had fun :)

CrossFit Charity Competition... Raised over $2000 for the March of Dimes!! 
David competed and I took 1200 pictures... About 1000 of him and then the other people haha kidding I did take many of him but I did spread the camera love and capture others :) I met a super sweet photographer there and got some tips! Here are some of the "captures;" 
DUDE it is hard to pick a "few" from 1200 pictures... just sayin'

Yeah he is my boyfriend.

And my boyfriend is looking like a beast in this picture... :)

Here he is doing one of the many things he's good at... encouraging :)


In my defense... I didn't know this was going to be outside... or I would have worn sunscreen and sunglasses.... LUCKILY I wore a t-shirt with capris or my shoulders and legs would have been "kissed by the sun" a little too much... David and I both have red necks and arms!

So after he competed in this he then judged... THEN we headed to Cullman for my (and my Papaw Jr. and Brother-in-Law) birthday dinner! Mom made an amazing 

Sunday was great! Learning more and sharing more with our Zone 56'ers how to show humility! It is one hard action, but start small and we can all be better at showing humility!

I have a big test on Tuesday... then I will be focusing on thesis stuff... just gotta keep pushing!

Here is my first flower arrangement from the garden! 
In an antique tin water pitcher :)

The roses are Knockouts... they were planted by someone last year who moved. So they left them for the other gardeners to enjoy :)

Hello COLOR!
Praying everyone has a wonderful Monday full of laughter :)

Storms will be possible between noon and 10pm today... 
so dress accordingly and drive safely!

Lots of love,

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