Breakfast Anyone?

Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?

I could eat breakfast for every meal. I LOVE it. I enjoy getting up every morning and having a great breakfast to kick my day off. And when I have the option to work breakfast food in for another meal... I am all about it!

So after the horrible storms this past week (Monday and Friday), I suggested we do pancakes for dinner :) Pancakes and eggs and bacon to be exact. 
(This makes me swoon!!)

With our Snowsbend strawberries, syrup, and a great pancake mix we whipped up breakfast!

After David made the best pancakes EVER, he melted butter in a little dish to pour on the pancakes... just like his momma does he said :)

Then he cooked nice fluffy eggs and crispy bacon. 
Warmed up maple syrup to drizzle on the pancakes...

Cannot have this meal without a good ol' glass of milk!

And here's the spread!

My plate :)

Since I have been sick, he really spoiled me with this dinner!

Hope everyone has been safe during this severe weather season... Remember that severe storms don't work around our schedules... they come when they want so we have to be prepared at all times in all places!

Laugh a lot this weekend,


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