Garden 101: Part 2

Here is where we got today... I am going to let the pictures tell the story :)

We will have some storms coming in tomorrow... 
I am considering camping out beside our babies... 
just kidding! 
(not really) 
Haha ;) They have to get broken in sometime for the South's thunderstorms!

Pre-Mulch-- My boots match our green grass and plants :)

Border is going up... helps with erosion.
Here is the border and bamboo sticks to let the tomatoes have something to hold to.
Watering... just a sprinkle. Storms with rain will come Monday night and give them a good soaking.
Porch flowers :) Color theme... lime green, purple, and white!
Purple and white for the hanging baskets. This is all the sun the porch guys get (a whole hour or 2).

Hope everyone had a lovely-sunny Sunday!!

Sending some garden lovin'

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