Soup and Salad

Post turnip green victory... 
I decided to use the salad mix and spring onions from our harvest basket.

Here is the spread... 

For the Spring Onion Soup
Link for the soup recipe we tweaked (had to made it milk free and we didn't have 2 pounds of onions, so we tweaked accordingly): Martha Stewart's Soup Recipe

1. Chicken Stock
2. Water
3. Salt and Pepper
4. Spring Onions (Bulb and about half way up the green stem)
5. Olive Oil

Cookin Steps: 
-Heat your soup pot over medium heat; 
-Prep your onions, cut thinly; 
-Drizzle olive oil in; 
-Throw your onions in and some salt; 
-Cook until translucent and put some pepper in there; 
-Pour in some stock and water; 
-Cook for 5-10 minutes (more if you used more onions); 
-Then we got my immersion blender out and pureed it!

This made about 3 cups... so two servings (that was with 4 small spring onions)

For the Chicken
Baked in the oven with some light seasoning... salt, pepper, olive oil. I follow the directions on the package... usually 350 degrees and then time depends on how many pounds you are cooking up (usually between 30-50 minutes).

For the Salad
I used the salad mix from Snowsbend... and a new salad dressing :)
I am not a big salad dressing fan... I would rather eat a salad plain or with lemon or lime juice and olive oil. BUT this dressing is great! 
Must try it :)
Annies's Organic Balsamic
To get this meal on the plate:
-I put a layer of salad mix down;
-Placed Easter egg radishes and carrots on the outside of the salad bed;
-Sliced up 3 ounces of chicken;
-Drizzled on a little dressing and some goat cheese to top it off;
-And last but not least, dipped me some yummy spring onion soup!

Glass of water in my mason jar and this girl was ready to eat!

Sickness update... I felt awesome Sunday and Monday and might have did a little too much... today I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest! Boo! So back to the teas and probably to the doctor tomorrow morning.

Calling all prayer warriors out there... our children's minister at church and his wife welcomed a precious baby boy Monday morning. He has been transferred to UAB and is being looked after by some great doctors. Say a prayer for this little guy and his sweet precious family please :) I am not sure on the details so just lift the Hathcock family up in your prayers!

Hoping everyone had a great start to the week... can't believe it is almost Wednesday already!

Take care :)

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