Rain Here Rain There

Today is the 1 year anniversary for the BP Oil Spill... and it is Earth Week. 
I remember last year, how ironic it was watching the oil just spill into the ocean during Earth Week, when we were supposed to be striving to make lifestyle changes (as a nation) to be more friendly and loving to our planet.
Hard to believe it has been a year since the oil spill.
Businesses, homes, people, and animals... everyone/thing was affected. 
Between that and the recent storms... I don't see how people think "bad" things can't happen to them. A tornado CAN happen to you and CAN hit your home. Our oceans CAN be and HAVE been polluted. But we CAN do something. We can help out... whether it is staying informed during severe weather or picking up a plastic bottle and putting it in the trash can/recycle container on your way to class :) 

What a thunderstorm we had this morning... whew! 
I am thinking the DC garden looks like this again... I would go check but it is still lightning...
These were taken Friday after the horrible severe weather we had...

Shockingly I took these with my iPhone.... not shockingly... what am I sayin... it is an iPhone.
(ewww ahhhh)

Poor little DC Garden Plot #2... but hey this is a natural process. Can't really turn off the rain or put a huge umbrella over the plot. 
I think David would if he could... 

After checking on the garden... we took a stroll down by the river.

We contemplated on whether to invest in a boat in the case the river "over-flowed."
(as if either one of us had money to currently invest ha) 
Luckily my little apartment is far enough way and uphill of the river, like a 2 minute walk... 
SOO I would like to think I have time to gather my belongings and drive away from the rising waters... maybe...

This is a cool little spot... you feel like you are in a lush rain forest!

I thought the log was pretty... 
this wasn't from storm damage... as far as I know it has been this way for a bit.

Good place for an Easter egg hunt if you ask me...

So pretty... and serene!

Barefoot boy on the loose!

Washing his  feet off... or just playing in that little stream... 

Such a sweet boy.

Have a wonderful Wednesday... 
and try to make one change today to show some love to our God-given Earth...

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