Flower Pickin

I like flowers.
They make me happy.
Flowers make me smile.
I imagine them as they are in Alice in Wonderland...
talking and laughing and having a good time being flowers!

Here are some flowers from the DC Garden so far... as of April :)

Flower love to y'all :)

Go pick some flowers... 


  1. Oh wow, love that last picture!! I have been DYING to plant some flowers lately, which is so unlike me. I am not a gardener.

  2. Thanks!! It just really brightened everything up in the home! Girl you go for it and plant some flowers, it is so fun :)

  3. spring flowers are the best! one look & they can just brighten up ones day!

  4. Amen sista! Hope your 1 year was amazing! Can't wait to hear about that fabulous B&B!


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