Not so Dead Week...


I hope y'all had a wonderful Easter and an enjoyable weekend celebrating our Risen Savior :)

Off the back porch... not a bad view huh?
My dad and mom, my mom's parents, me, sister, and my brother in law!
I had a great time spending time with family and friends... I went home and even snapped a few pictures at the farm my parents live on... can't wait to share them this week! Lots of cookin and relaxing on the Thompson Ponderosa went down this weekend to prepare me for.....

...DEAD week for those of us in school in anyway-- by the way, this doesn't exist in graduate classes, they just like to tease you with the title. It is actually OVERLOAD week in grad world.. where all your professors remember assignments they never got to give you (score... NOT) and can also be known as OVERWHELM week. Do pray for me (and all the students out there) that I (and everyone) will remain calm, cool, and collective as I press forward to complete my FIRST year of grad school :)

Baby Micah has open heart surgery Thursday (it is the children's minister new born baby)... do say a special prayer for him and his precious strong family! 

Some strong storms are coming if you are in the South... do stay alert to weather information and remember that storms don't pick who they will hit... Mother Nature has free roam when it comes to severe weather! Here is some websites I check-- ABC 33/40 BlogBirmingham National Weather Service Homepage, and Go here to get your local weather by typing in your zipcode (similar to the weather channel but the government version).

Hope Monday is ending on a good note for everyone!

Have a terrific Tuesday... laugh a lot!

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