Good Friday and Earth Day!

What an AWESOME God we have who sent his Son to die for us....
So we could be His little lights on Earth who shine BIG...
And one day sit beside Him on the Throne.
What an AWESOME God we have.

Good Friday to y'all!
Let your light shine this special weekend (and every day) for our Lord who defeated death!

What an AWESOME God who gave us a ROCKIN' awesome Earth!!
Speakin of this planet we live on called EARTH....

Happy Earth Day! 
Are you making a few lifestyle changes? I hope so! 
Buy Mason Jars... they are amazing cups, containers, etc!
 I wrote many other ways in that post there... just click on MASON :)

It has been a great day... a good friend who got me this job I am working at now came by the office to see us... and bring us Gigi's Cupcakes... bless her! WE just adore her... she is an intelligent gal, a lawyer (graduates in May), and drop dead gorgeous (and a fellow brunette hah wooho)! Loved seeing her!

For Earth Day and Good Friday I would like to share a few (okay more like a handful) of my favorite pictures taken anywhere from California to Arizona to Alabama!
We have been blessed with a precious Earth... do your part in taking care of it! 

Arizona wood... isn't is the prettiest? I see HGTV peeps turn these into lamps...
(I obviously couldn't slip one into my baggage... I wanted to try don't get me wrong).
A close up of something similar to the wood in picture 1... abstract a bit :)
Again but from a different location... I thought it was beautiful!
Weather in Colorado... This was taken from my seat in an airplane (haha like I would be in anything else that high). You can see the thunderstorm processes and the rainbow!
I am a weather nerd, did I mention this? 

Vineyard in California... breathtaking huh?
Beach... such a serene place to be.
Farm land... just beautiful.
Have a good Good Friday and Earth Day :)

Take a deep breathe today.

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