Strawberry-Ginger Dressing

Strawberry, Lemon, and Ginger

These 3 ingredients go great together! I did bake some lemon-ginger chicken on the same night; I was just on a ginger kick!
I served the chicken sliced with some brown rice, spinach, the strawberry-ginger dressing, and bacon!

Here are the steps to this sweet but gingery goodness...
so you can try it out :)

Step 1: Gather Ingredients.
1/2 Lemon, 1 TSP Salt, 1 TBLS Ginger, 1 10 oz. pack frozen Strawberries (used the whole pack, BUT if you want a "thinner dressing" then use maybe half of the package), 1 TBLS Olive Oil, 1/2 TSP Pepper
Step 2: Thaw Strawberries out in a bowl.
I put mine over a stovetop burner while the oven was doing its thing with the chicken. The heat from the oven will slowly thaw the strawberries.
Keep the juice and all! 
Step 3: Put the thawed out strawberries with their juice in the processor. 
Step 4: Sprinkle some salt. I use Celtic... great health benefits!
Remember you are not on the Food Network; therefore, sprinkle with caution. Restrain from getting caught up in the way the salt falls so pretty like snow... just do a pinch and you can add more later :)
Step 5: Sprinkle of pepper. Do about half of what you did for salt.
Step 6: Squirt that lemon.
Again, use caution. Lemon juice is attracted to your beautiful eyes and will try to find its way in your eyes instead of in the processor. 
Step 7: Get that ginger in there. 
I use the kind in the jar. You can find it beside the garlic in the jar.
Step 8: Swirl some Olive Oil in.
Step 9: Put the top on the processor.
Make sure your top is latched in. Hum yeah. Confession...
I was all ready with the camera and was pressing the "PULSE" button and nothing was happening.
WELL, I didn't have the top latched in. Then I laughed at myself.
Step 10: Top latched, check! Now pulse away!
Step 11: Give it a taste and make sure it all tastes good! 
Step 12: Grab a good jar (mason jar, among many other uses, is usually what I store stuff in).
Let is chill for a little bit or just go ahead and use! 
Here was my dinner... Brown Rice, Spinach, Sliced Baked Lemon-Ginger Chicken, Drizzle of SG Dressing (conveintly listed above), and Bacon. I had a glass of a light red wine with this.
Tasted great!
Hope you guys will try this dressing. It is perfect for this time of year... Strawberries are on sale and easy to find! It just really freshens up your meals! 
Makes your basic chicken and rice a whole new meal!

With farmer's markets getting geared back up, check out some in your area! Can't beat the prices and great people you will meet :)

I am very excited... Tomorrow we get our first harvest basket from Snow's Bend Farms! I will take pictures and let you know what we get! Woohoo!

Have a great Wednesday... half way to the weekend :)

Laugh today,


  1. Thanks girl!! Next time I try this out I am going to make it thinner and with balsamic I think... just use it for salad dressing! I will be sure to let ya know if that is a good or bad idea ;)


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