Turnip Greens

I got color happy with this post... beware ;)

Confession: I have been avoiding the turnip greens in our harvest basket for a few days...

I just needed time to gather my thoughts and muster up courage to attack the green monster.

I LOVE vegetables and it is very rare that I find one that I won't just eat raw... I grew up on a farm so we always had a garden; therefore, I am just not scared of veggies.

BUT when I saw that we got turnip greens, I was just stumped. I had seen my mom, her mom, my dad's mom, etc. all "can" them but never any other way (referring to the cooking method). SO obviously I had to get on a hunt for some turnip green recipes. 

Side note: we used the spring onions in a soup (SOOO GOOD). I will post pictures soon!

Back to the green monster... 

This morning I came back from CrossFit class and just decided I would throw them in a pan with some oil and mushrooms. And put 2 eggs on top... I mean why not? 

In my book, anything with an egg on top will taste good (I was out of bacon so sad so sad, but I bounced back with the mushrooms). 

Back to the green breakfast...

I took the turnip greens (gave them a good talkin' to), washed them, cut the hard stem out, and rolled them up in a towel to dry.

Warmed up my pan over medium heat... once it was warm I put olive oil in.

Back at the cutting board, I took the turnip greens and just layered them on top of one another (like pieces of paper), and then roll them up (like a sushi roll), and cut thin slices (like ribbons).
Threw them in the pan with some salt and pepper and sauteed them up.

See the "ribbons" I was talking about? 
Took the mushrooms and sliced them and put them in there too.

Put that turnip green and mushroom mixture on my plate. Along side with some slivers of Easter egg radishes... to give it some crunch and spice :)

The color of these guys were gorgeous! And it is festive, "Easter" egg radishes ;)

Took the eggs and fried them up.... I like mine runny... but I over cooked them this morning... oh well still delicious and still goes on the plate the same :)

The eggs are under there!
I topped this with goat cheese and pesto.
David and I had our "prep" day yesterday and we went and cut our FIRST harvest of herbs!
We made pesto with our basil, made some hummus, a pizza, baked chicken with some fresh herbs, and made the spring onion soup! Whew! David was the head chef while I was the assistant yesterday... we try to switch up!
And instead of doing some homework I cleaned the apartment up and did my laundry... even changed out my bedding to the lighter stuff :) This took a while... I think from 2-8. I get side tracked with little jobs, going through donate clothes pile, organize linen/random closet, etc.
Always my downfall during cleaning, ask my mother and sister. 

Back to breakfast...

I ate in my big blue comfy chair and set up my breakfast on a tray. 
Here is what it turned out to be:

Loving my flowers!
I freshened the bundles up yesterday while I was playing in the dirt planting some herbs!

Had to have some fruit.. good ol' orange!

Black coffee makes me happy!
Speaking of... I am cleaning the coffee pot as I type (running water and vinegar through it... down to the last run of cold water).

SO delicious! 

So I have conquered the turnip green monster! 
As my magnet that my best friend got me says:

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I enjoyed them this morning :)

Y'all have a great Monday! 

Laugh a lot today... strengthens the core and the heart :)


  1. Turnips have taken me some time to get used to as well- now I love them!

  2. I do too!! You can work them into just about any meal to get your greens in!


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