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Hey guys!

I have made the move over to WordPress... Wheee!!! My new blog address is www.cookinuplife.com! Go check it out!!

It was a very easy transfer... all of my posts and your sweet comments successfully made the trip with me! Whew ;)

What do y'all think?
My first post is a DC Garden Update... go check it out!!

I have a lot of learning to do... but willing to do the work to make it a cool blog!

Have any of you made the switch over?? I am needing any advice you got!


Week 7 Harvest Basket

Looking good! What a color FILLED basket we have here... 
red, purple, GREEN, orange, and yellow! 

What is in the WEEK 7 basket??
*Salad Mix*
*Cherokee Red Leaf Lettuce*
*Rocdor Yellow Wax Beans*

The strawberries are AMAZING! I look forward to them every week.

Cilantro-- I am thinking NACHO night... 
Want to know what kind of spices we utilize? Click away, Nacho Night!

Yummy GREENS! I want to do Kale Chips and try the GREEN drink that I have heard so much about... Kale Spinach Pear SmoothieEdible Perspective's Recipe. There are a ZILLION out there! I am new to Edible's blog.. lovin' it!!

Look at the Zucchini... I am thinking chopping it up and putting it with my quinoa. I will let ya know :)

So many vitamins and minerals there before us...  Just take a second... I know it is a overwhelming :) 

I read your mind... I am going to bet you are thinking "these beans look like FRIES!" Am I right??? 
Hahaha I totally think they look like them... they are not though... they are crunchy and tasty though!

Bugs Bunny is at the door wanting to buy these from me... ahaha!

Pretty... Looks like a GIGANTIC flower!

I see some good salads in my future!!

I know... they look like french fries :)

I can't wait to put up the update on the DC Garden. We have been working daily out there and it is looking great. I am so happy David and I like the whole gardening thing... let me tell you though, we are learning SO much!!

Off to make some Nachos!!

Cook tonight... it is fun!


Pancakes, Eggs, and Berries

Have you ever made pancakes and realized you are missing a key topping??

I have!! Recently... 
Problem: No maple syrup.

Eggs on the side with goat cheese- YUM!! 

Strawberries-- DOUBLE yum!!!

These are tasty additions to a pancake breakfast BUT... Still need something to go on top of the pancakes.

NO syrup? 
PROBLEM SOLVER-- Turn to some preserves!! 

 The result-- a CLEAN plate :)

I have been a happy (temporary) owner of this bad boy for a couple weeks now... Thanks University of Alabama!! We did the survey collection via iPad for the tornado research (thanks for funding us National Science Foundation!!)! 
I do have to give him back though... can't do the data analysis on it... it was fun while it lasted!! 

Have y'all seen the new Tasty Kitchen blog? It is AMAZING!!! Go and check it out. It is a part of The Pioneer Woman blog... which is amazing as well. And the cupcakes shown on the iPad above... they are Jenna's doings... from Eat Live Run... which is, yup you guessed it, AMAZING!!

Have a great Wednesday!

Looks like a day of high winds and then thunderstorms Thursday. 
Stay safe and stay informed!


80th Post

Wow I cannot believe this is the big 8-0! 

In more "sweet action news:"
-David surprised me with a TRIPOD today for my camera!! 
-AnnTay Loft visit went great... got some more staple pieces to add to the "versatile" wardrobe!
-I made and finalized the work schedule! Yeppeee!!
-I officially have my quilt on my bed that my grandparents made! It is in the background of some of the pictures below... nothing, NOTHIN' HUNI, beats a homemade quilt!

Ann Taylor Loft... It was great! Got some STEALS! I even took some pictures... enjoy :)
I think I am ready for the Alabama heat... cool-crisp-classic colors and fabrics!

The belt... so many options with a white belt! 

The linen fabric makes the dark color on these linen shorts so cool! And that tie just begs you to tuck a top in!

Loving these colors! 

Darling little khaki jacket-- ENDless possibilities!  

This jacket has a tie in the back. Not the kind that is large and will hurt your back when you sit down (trust me I made sure), but a small one that defines your waist! And look at the sleeves-- and it is light weight... perfect for teaching in the fall (looking ahead a little-- all about versatility)!

Cute black cotton dress-- this is in my Alabama Summer Weather Preparedness Plan ;)

Happy 80th post! Woohoo!! I even spruced up the blog layout a little... nothing major! 
Thanks to all who are reading the blog-- it means so much!! 
Spread the word and show me some love and click follow!

Dance... or watch Dancing with the Stars tonight!

Dinner Partaay

My friend and I who are training for the 10k (that is THIS weekend, WOW)... 
we decided to have a little gathering after a full week of training... 
to celebrate our determination... 
and to eat a steak dinner :)

(Steaks are from the Thompson Ponderosa... the best steaks ever) 

BIG thanks to our handsome/grill master men who cooked up an outstanding steak dinner...
While we went for our run...
We also had salad (using the Romaine lettuce from our harvest basket, pictured here), zucchini and squash,  and sweet potatoes. YUM!


I am going to AnnTaylor Loft this morning... so excited!! 
Hello $25 and under event!!

Have a great Tuesday!

Laugh today.


Beets meet Goat Cheese

I came across this combo over at one of my favorite blogs, Eat Live Run! Go check her out!
Hit up the Tasty Kitchen blog (part of The Pioneer Woman blog), where Jenna posted the step-by-step recipe with pictures!

I used our candy-cane beets, part of Week 6 harvest basket, instead of your average beets- it took the red look down a few notches since they are red and white beets :)

Sunday night dinner:
Chicken, Beet Risotto with Goat Cheese, and a few blackberries!

It is so creamy and good!!

Take a deep breathe. Smile.


Sunny Sunday Snack

Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter
I bought a small packet of this at Winn Dixie... it is awesome!!

After church I spent some time out at the pool... then I remembered I had a long run this afternoon and decided I might need to come in and not get too hot before that :) 
This snack just gave me the perfect "perk" I needed!

I put half a packet of Almond Butter on a piece of Ezekiel bread and had a glass of fruited green tea. YUM!!

I made some green tea the other day and it has been AWESOME to have in the fridge! I usually make ice cubes to put in my smoothies but this time I just left it in the pitcher to sip on. Today I got some of my frozen berries and a packet of stevia and mixed that into my green tea... Very refreshing!

Now off to buy a new shower head before the run... yepee!
(I will give a full review of the new running shoes once I get a few runs in)!

Soak up the sun.


Pizza Time with a Twist!

I got the new Food Network magazine this week and a Bobby Flay recipe caught my eye...
Blackberry Bourbon Iced Tea!

It is delicious!

We wanted to have pizza night and thought this would pair great with it!

(By the way- I got new running shoes today! So excited! And I went to Target and got a new pair of flats... beware they have a lot to choose from!)

Here is how DC Pizza Night with a Twist turns out:
(Find the twist recipe here)

Ingredients for the "twist part"

 Mix the sugar, berries, and chopped mint together. Take a wooden spoon and mash this all together. Allow this to "macerate" for however long you can stand it. Taste it... it is amazing!

Yum! Bobby Flay rocks... 

 Now you are going to take your black tea (I steeped some tea earlier... using Tazo Chai Tea) and pour it over the macerated berry mixture. Let it sit for a bit.

Now take this and strain it into a pitcher. 
Like so...

Push it through with a spoon-- any berries that didn't get mashed before will now!

 Put some ice (we crushed some in the Ninja Blender) in your glasses.

I went with Bobby (He made) but Aarti's (She made) tea looked great too!

 Take your tea and berry juice and get it in the jars.

 Get every last drop!

 And now one shot each... or not! If you want this without the alcohol it would still be delicious!  Maybe do some sparkling water!

 In it goes!

And add some mint! This is straight from the DC Garden!

 And now for the pizza (here is another pizza night). We did DC homemade pesto (using fresh basil from the garden) on top of sour dough crust (from Publix) and then some chicken and LOTS of cheese (goat cheese for me)! 

 Here it is! Turned out wonderful and OH so tasty!

I hope Saturday has treated you right!