DC Rectangle Pizza Night

David decided to change Pizza Night up a little...

1. He decided to do a rectangle shaped pizza instead of a circle.
2. He also changed it up by choosing to do a red sauce instead of a green... tomato instead of pesto.
3. As well as, try a NEW pizza sauce.

WHEW, hang in there, I know we are dealing with risky business right here.

I was very excited about this pizza night... as was David! 
It is good to change up the pizza a little... keeps it fun.

By the way, found the fresh pizza dough on sale at Publix. 

Therefore we bought two. 
1 for this week and 1 in the freezer for next week. 
Very nice, very nice!

Ingredients for this pizza... the first ever DC Rectangle Pizza.

We have started attaching "DC" to everything lately.
It makes us feel cool. "DC Garden," "DC Pizza," I could go on.

I will stop though and get down to business with this ingredient list. Y'all know how I like this list makin' business ;)

We went for it and tried a new sauce... L.E. Roselli's.
You will need:
1. Pizza dough
(Publix bakery has little bundles of dough just waitin' on you)
2. Red Pizza Sauce
3. Green Bell Peppers
4. Mushrooms
5. Chicken
6. Cheese
(My side has Goat Cheese... remember I can't do dairy stuff and David had a mixture of Parmesan, mozzarella, and whatever other cheese David decided to throw on there.)
7. Garlic
8. Olive Oil, Sea Salt, and Pepper (the trio)
9. Oregano
10. Thyme


You see pizza makin' is so easy...
  • First step, get that pizza stone in the oven preheating to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Second step, spread some sauce on and then layer the pizza toppings on.
  • Third step, get someone to help you transfer the pizza to the HOT stone... this can be tricky. One day I am going to make a video of David and me doing this transfer... it could be a CrossFit workout... I think.
  • Fourth step, let it bake for about 15 minutes. Until the crust is golden.
  • Fifth step, let it hang out for 3-5 minutes... depending on how patient you are that night. Since the DC Garden, we will take it out of the oven then go visit the garden and come back and cut it :)

Taa-daa... Non-circular DC Pizza!

We did this at the beginning of the week. It was enough for 2 meals for David and me. 
So we plan on doing this again with the "stashed" pizza dough this weekend... who knows what we will change up this time!! I will be sure to keep ya posted on that!

I am still a sickly person... ugh! 
Going to warm me up some soup now!

Have a good Thursday night :)

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