Finally Friday

This week in photos...

Stormy Monday... this little guy was my storm watchin' bud

Tuesday: One Day Without Shoes- Started 7am

This was a picture taken about 2 hours later... about to walk to class.

And yeah... NASTY! This was about 3:30pm! People need shoes-- go buy a pair of TOMS! Not only will you get some adorable-comfortable shoes but a cutie will too!

Wednesday and Thursday: This week... Memory Verses pulled me through! And my to-do list! 

Friday: The plants are growing strong! A few were a little shaken up by the storms, but all are growing tall!

Now off to babysit some kiddos! 
Enjoy the sunny weather this weekend... and welcome back the Alabama humidity (thank the southerly winds for it... and the Gulf shooting moisture our way)!

Laugh a little... it'll make it better :)


  1. Isn't the humidity awful?? UGH!! I am dreading it already. It is horrible down here in LA. I so wanted to do the barefoot day, but I work at a hospital and it was not allowed. Which is probably a good thing...no telling what diseases are on that ground.

  2. Haha it was humid chick! Whew!
    Well then you were me last year "barefoot at heart" :)
    P.S. I have never scrubbed my feet so hard... University sidewalks just might be the nastiest walking grounds ever lol!


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