"Sweet Action"

Anyone that has ever been around has more than likely heard me say this... 
So I thought it needed an entire page dedicated to sweet action moments.
  • What does it mean? 
    • Sweet Action simply mean something is awesome. It is actually more satisfying than awesome so use with caution... it can be used with an action (someone does a favor for you deserves a sweet action) or referring to someone/thing (cowboy boots are sweet action).
  • Where did I get it?
    • In Bolivia. I went on a mission trip a couple years ago and a teenage boy joined our team (he was the youngest on the trip). He would attach "action" to the end of an adjective... pretty much any adjective. He would say bad action, good action, etc. Now it is in my vocab bank...  it can be overused, so use with caution.
  • Variations of the word: 
    • Spicy Action
    • Rude Action
    • Hot Action
    • Cool Action
    • Stormy Action
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