Today is the final day of January... the month where we all gave it our all to try to stick to our goals for 2011!

Recap of January:
-Cooked new things.
-Spiced up the blog (a little).
-Lots of pictures taken.
-Classed started.
-Planner filled with school happenings and semester stuff.
-Evacuation research article... beginning to see the light at the end of a tunnel. Final form by February for the long awaited publishing process.
-Thesis ideas are on the table.
-Game plan for semester made.
-Road to a doctoral program... in the making.
-Arizona visit booked. We will go to Tempe to visit a med school David is interested in.
-Atlanta trip planned.
-Back in the swing of a Crossfit and workout routine.
-Christmas decor down (yes, I just took down my wreath... the sugared apples made me happy).
-Deep cleaned the apartment.
-CSA membership accepted. Start getting weekly produce baskets in April.

They say how you spend your New Year's Eve is a peek into how your year will be spent. How did you spend yours?
David and I spent it here at the apartment-- cooking. Our plans were cancelled because of the severe weather headed our way so we cooked and watched Dick Clark on ABC.Then as the night went on and the severe weather got closer, I stayed up texting with my weather pal about the storms. It was a stormy night... so I guess 2011 will be filled with weather watching, cooking, and laughing with David. Fine by me :)

I think that is about it for January... if I had to choose one picture to represent January (why did I do this to myself... too hard to pick just ONE).

I just think this was the coolest ever.

The main reason why I picked this one... we literally were walking and just happened to look down to see this. This was not man-made, this was just naturally there for David and me to see. God loves us and gives us little Post-its like this all the time. 
STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN just like we were taught as a kid. 

So-long January... month #1 of 2011 was great! 
Hello February!

My 4 year old door mat

Laugh today :)

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  1. Great post! That's the cutest door mat I've ever seen:) Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your posts!!!


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