It's Rainin Men...

Not really... but boy did it rain today!

So far in February:
-Last night we had dinner with David's dad and sis. His dad was in town so we were very happy to see him... hoping to see his mom soon though!
-My mom's birthday is this week, and we are going to her birthday dinner Saturday. I will get to finally go home and visit the ol' farm... it will be fun and I hope it is a gorgeous day so I can take some pictures :)
-ALSO--- we are officially visiting Tempe, Arizona in March and officially CSA members with Snowsbend Farm!

February Weather: Currently we have a "history-makin" winter storm... we, Alabamians, are seeing the rain/wind from it. But north (and west) of here.... they are getting hit with MASSIVE amounts of snow/ice! If it was snowing outside... I would be jammin' to this:

Okay I still am... it is just so lovely! I HEART movies made in this time era. The movie White Christmas... I love this 1954 movie. It is a traditional Christmas movie around my house. I LOVE it... I could watch it in July and be happy... yes even with the hot/humid-ness :)

A lot of people have been sick... I have dodged it... until now. I didn't get any sleep last night, so I am currently a bit delirious (sorry). BUT the weather nerd in me had to say something about this winter storm. It will be one that is researched in years to come and talked about in weather classes. 

It is now time to take some medicine and get to bed!

Praying that everyone gets well and/or dodges the sick bug.

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