Whoo-hoo Wednesday/Get With It Wednesday

Wicked Wednesdays.... Wet Wednesday today with the rain.... and after many thoughts about Wednesday I am.....
I am dedicating Wednesdays on the blog for a whoo-hoo moment and a get with it moment. This meaning...
1. Whoo-hoo Moment= completing a task that makes me wanna shout (throw my hands up and shout... go on and watch that video, it is awesome)! 
My best friend Heidi gave this to me... Little quote from Ms. Eleanor Roosevelt:

Want one? Go to your local bookstore... they have numerous quotes to pick from :)

2. Get With It= The to-do list needs to be attacked... it is the "half-way" point in the week and it is time to....
This is from one of my favorite places Etsy!
Wednesdays are also a day I look forward to because I get to see my chicks at church! I have known these girls now for 3 years... they are AWESOME! Here is a picture when we were "Awana"-ing it up.. now we are "Nightshifters"... a lot of sweet action (that is my word... and they know this haha and hear it alot) goin on:

Better go... or these girls will hunt me down! 

Hope everyone had a great day... and you had some whoo-hoo moments today! Mine was getting the work-schedule finished for my boss (I work at the TCF office at UA) and completing my personal schedule for the Spring (work, workout, goals for classes, class, etc.). 
And my "get with it" moment--- tomorrow I must finish scheduling classrooms for the Fall SCHEDULE!

Have a great night!

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