Woohoo Wednesday/Get With It!

I am going to start with my "get with it" moment for the day. I MUST START reading for my classes... MUST. It is interesting stuff to read, well my severe weather stuff, can't really say that for the methodology class (haha). ANYWAYS, I MUST GET WITH IT.
Got it... now I must start reading.
But before I end this on my "light a fire under me" segment... I want to share some pictures from today!

Woohoo Moments for today... starting with I AM FREE!! I am free to do my homework, I am free to read my Bible when I want to, I am free to go to work, I am free to go to class, I am free to go to church and spend time with my chicks there!! I AM FREE! 

We sang this tonight with the kids... and we just made up our own hand motions and had a blast!

Hope you enjoyed that! It is just nice to know we are free to live :) 

So today...
  • I completed my 4th day of working out (Sunday was yoga; Crossfit with some yoga Monday, Tuesday, and TODAY!) YAH!
  • I was surprised at work today. I walked in and was talking to my boss and she told me to go over to my desk... So I did and BAM there was our coworker that we MISS SO MUCH there to tell us bye! She graduated in December so we had rushed goodbyes and so she came in to see us :) It made out afternoon! 
TCF... with our Queen/boss :)

And we will!! Chocolate lovers! We learn it from our boss!
  • At church tonight majority of the girls memorized all their scriptures and other things they have to recite weekly (the definition of determination; bottom line; things like that). They do awesome at it and amaze me every week! Here is a peak of the "photo-shoot" from tonight... 
Pretty girls
And the boys crash the photo-- luckily not the camera!

Love the looks on the girls' faces! 

Welcome to ZONE 56! Where we have so much fun with the 5th and 6th graders... yes, this is exclusive to ONLY that age... well in addition to their dear ol' leaders. They love having an area to themselves. I think they really dig it and it will prepare them for the next step.. YOUTH!

Boys left... now back to smiles :)

Chicks! Love 'em!

And finally... this was planned last week. I guess they expected me to bring a rope maybe to attach to the ceiling them float over them (with no shadow) and capture them from above. HAHAH we improvised and the other leaders held me steady on the couch LOL the girls were just a bunch of giggle boxes! Look at these pretty laughing faces? How can I not have a great Wednesday!?!

I HEART how everyone of them is in middle of laughing! This makes me so happy!
I hope you have had a great and productive day.. and it will continue through the week! 
Be blessed and notice the little post-its God will leave for you in your surroundings! Never know when one will pop up :)

Loads of love... and 
laughter (REMEMBER: laughing makes you skinny, crying makes you wrinkle)

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