Hello Sunshine!

I have a good supply of sunshine... through people at work, church, and class! I am blessed!

David... I LOVE this picture of David. I think his blue eyes just look beautiful. He is so sweet to me and I am so proud of him for his hard work! He is a Crossfit trainer, personal trainer, and works the floor at a gym. He took 2 years off before he starts med school in 2012!  One thing w love to do is teach the 6th grade Sunday school class. It is a lot of fun... they keep us on our toes with questions such as "Why didn't Moses go to the Promised Land?" And they wow us with their knowledge of iPhones and their busy schedules (a very talented group we have). I will be sure to snap some pictures of them too this Sunday!

David and I after playing in some snow

And these girls are my Wednesday night chicks! I have been with them since they have been in 3rd grade. I love my time with them... we memorize scripture, have girl talk, and play the "pose game." We started playing it 2 years ago... I get in the door way and turn my back and count to 5 and then turn around and they strike a pose while I look to see who moved. Originally, the person who moves was then IT... but then they made me the all time IT haha so needless to say these girls are the perfect group to come to for a midweek break from college life! The other leaders are amazing Christian gals who I get the pleasure to serve with! Yes they are gorgeous... inside and out :) LOOK AT THESE SMILES!

My beautiful chicks! 
 They loved the idea of me bringing my camera so expect more pictures :)

They LOVE when I bring candy/cookies/dirt really anything haha and LOVE drawing on the whiteboard and piggie back rides! We are hoping to take them to the PINK gymnastics meet here in Tuscaloosa. Should be a good time, and they will love it!

They recommended this movie to me... Tangled. They know I love Disney movies, Barbies, American Girl dolls, acting goofy, etc... so they thought I would love this movie. Have you seen it?

Currently I am watching Minute to Win It... wow, this is so stressful but FUN! We did some of these games at the lake house this past summer, and even at church sometimes we will work them in. GREAT for kids and adults!

Enjoy the "warmer" weather this weekend!

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