And today has been filled with rearranging the apartment and cleaning. I have most of it done, but I am throwing the towel in and callin it a night. I am very sleepy! And with this snow coming in... well I think I will have time tomorrow evening to finish 'er off.

So I have put my DVR to rest. I mean it is a luxury and something I truly do not have to have.... MAN do I miss it though! For instance... David and I wanted to pause a tv show, yeah, can't do that. I also, out of habit, went to press record and it has if I wanted to do a VCR recording. HA. Interesting.... but all in all I know that anything I miss (and I convince myself I just can't go on without seeing an episode) I can easily access on internet nowadays. This is good... but boy do I miss ol Bob (the DVR). He kept my Gilmore Girls all safe, and my dear Foodnetwork shows. Honestly though what can you not access on internet though? So David and I unhooked him and carried back to Comcast headquarters. Sad day... he will be missed and already is missed. 

David and I had a really fun day though. He had to work this morning while I cleaned away... he did bring over some breakfast that was AMAZING (from the German bakery... my favorite). He is thoughtful like that :) THEN he went back to work and I, yup you guessed it, cleaned and brainstormed about how I wanted to move around things in the apartment. We then went to lunch at Manna (our favorite Tuscaloosa lunch spot and special grocery shop). We love the wall of spices and nuts they have (we buy those in bulk). I had the turkey and chicken pot pie... YUM. David had the Crispy Chicken Cheese Quesadilla... I had a fruit cup for my side, he had the chicken curry soup. Always such a fun place to go and enjoy someone else's food! We did cook tacos tonight... one of our staples around here. Grocery shopping was needed... so went and picked up some things to have around (I already had to go, but I usually wait until Sunday... with this potential storm coming, didn't want to chance it... food is a must around here).

I got Claire Robinson's 5 Ingredient Fix Cookbook for Christmas.. it is great (check it out here). I can't wait to pick a recipe out and try it :) I will be sure to post some pictures when I do (shocking I know).

She is adorable... and she likes antiques... and went to culinary school in Europe (I would love to ONE day... in the WAY off future hah). Great ideas in there... go check her out if you only have time for a quick trip to the grocery store... you'll only buy 5 things! Yah!

David and I have tried this brand of soup before and LOVED it! Now we got this 13 Bean one... and we are currently letting the soup mix soak over night to cut the cooking time down. We are going to do the recipe shown on the back... great to fix on Sunday then have in 1 serving containers (maybe a 2 serving as well for a supper for 2) for the week! Good grab and go meal! Here is the one we got for Soup-e Sunday:

Wanna try it? Click here

Well this time tomorrow night we should all be hearing that we have no school/work to go into.. yah for extended weekends :) Hope everyone is careful and has fun if we do get a snow like we did on Christmas (at least some of us)!

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