Class started this week. Yeah we didn't really get as much snow as other places. David and I were still excited though and got out and ventured down to the river to get some pictures. We were walking and I just happened to look down and see this:

That's right... a heart
I know... AHHH how sweet! David and I both thought it was pretty cool! Just another one of those little "post-it" notes around us to remind us how much God loves us :) 
Here is a shot from down by the river...

So anyways--- Beginning of semester (AKA- craziness ensues in the office where I work on campus and in the ol' classroom). BUT I must say I am so excited about this semester. I am taking Severe Weather, Applied Climatology, and Research Traditions Methodology in Geography (yeah, that one is required, I did not just sign up for that for the fun of it). This past October I got the chance to go to a conference and present hurricane research. I was so nervous... but knew this would be a  large part of what I get to do one day so now I can say the first time is over and I CAN DO IT :) Yah! Here is a picture from the Fort Worth conference:

Some fellow grad students/support system :)
Speaking of weather... This is a picture taken coming back from California. I know it is a storm... but how gorgeous is that? There was a double rainbow too... stunning:

I love this...
This is why I go to California though... I would go once a month to see these girls (and Dave) if I could!
I even got Mom out there! This is Shelia, Halee, and Kamryn
They are my lovely and beautiful cousins! Shelia's husband is cool too... cooks a mean tri-tip and has an amazing laugh! Just to let you know... tri-tip is AMAZING. Bobby Flay cooks a mean one too here is a picture of his... next time I am out there I am going to photograph Dave cooking this bad boy.

Check out Bobby Flay's recipe
We have a long weekend ahead! Thank you MLK!
Here is a fun fact about him- he liked to dance!! Oh yeah... So be sure to bust a move this weekend in memory of MLK!

Don't forget to look for some Post-it notes floating around...

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