That's what is for dinner tonight!
Thursdays are CRAZY for me... I am thankful for school, work, etc. BUT on Thursdays I struggle to keep myself pepped up. I have a class tonight 6-9pm and I get off work at 5pm.... so I am needing something FAST and something good for me! Which sends me to Zoes... chicken kabobs :)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day... snow is coming in for the northern part of the state. I think we will get maybe a dusting here in central Alabama. 
Don't hate the snow... remember all the winters that we didn't get even a flurry :) 

Tomorrow night David and I are going to the gymnastics meet... front row seats! Oh yes, I am very excited :) 

Laugh today,


  1. Yum...chicken kabobs sound wonderful!!

  2. They were delicious! Just checked out your blog.. so cute Megan!


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