Crepes and a Par-tay!

Nothing like a good ol' birthday party! Today I got to be the photographer at an 11 year old's bday party! We had a blast :) It was our good "Monday night dinner" friends (we do eat weekly with them)--- their niece's birthday. She and her 28 friends were very entertaining to say the least! We went on a hike (whew, workout!) and played 4 games! So fun :)

The best crepe maker made me a special brunch today! It got me all set for a day of fun :) Here are the pictures from the crepe makin'...

Batter up ;)

Swirl around then flip!

Plate is ready.

Crepe flat on plate.

Toppings ready!


Strawberries all lined up.

Powdered suga' on the inside.

Liquid from strawberries!

All wrapped up!

Strawberry on top.

I did not plan on that strawberry looking like a heart... but let us all "aww"

And devour the goodness!

It was a great Saturday! Hope your's was too :)

Way too late for me to be up! Gotta get to bed.

Loads of love and laughter,

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