"A Whole New World..."

"A dazzling place..."
Who doesn't know what movie that comes from?? It is from Aladdin. Love that movie...
So why did I start with that you may ask. Well I may answer... it is because this platform for blogging is WAAY better than what I was using. Way better! So I am excited for a new start... but here is the link to my old one if you would like to see some of my happenings in the "old world":


I attempted to convert everything over... but I just couldn't do it. If anyone knows how please inform me :)
Yeah... sorta boring I know. I am sorry... I hope to improve greatly. I am in a bit of a hurry but I wanted to get something up so my blog doesn't look so sad. I am going to start with.. well, a blank slate. This was my first "white Christmas" and I got a new camera... this means oodles of snow pictures are now on my computer just waiting to go somewhere. Here is one... a bit close but it gets the point across. I love how the snow "sparkles" in this one:

Ta-daaa... Snow (go ahead and sing the song from White Christmas... "I want to wash my hair in snow... snow, snow!!")! Love it... it is pretty and light and fluffy! Whew, but let me tell you.... when you grow up in Alabama you are not prepared for this. I am a weather nerd (should have opened with that) SOOO I feel I am ready to take on any elements that Mother Nature tosses my way... but I LOVE me some Summer nights and hot/humid weather, so this was a SHOCK to the system. But a good thing. I felt like a kid. I woke up Christmas morning and put on my new coat-grabbed my new camera- and RAN outside and started snapping pictures. I mean I was in my pj's (at least a coat on with fur, that has to count for something)... had house shoes on--- BUT I didn't care I was so EXCITED :)
Much like I am with this clean slate... so I will post later on who I am and what people might need to know... just know that there will be a whole lotta God-food-animals-photography-wine-weather-David-research-Heidi-babysitting-work-graduate school TALK going down.
*FYI... I am a BIT of an organizer... so for instance, that list I really want to alphabetize it. I just want to go ahead and throw that out there.

That is all for now... just know, I am so excited about this :)

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