Porch Flowers and George

Enter the....


(ahhh... and the crowd goes wild...)

Along with Billy and Bob (my flower sitters... see their story here)...
they recruited their good friend George...

Meet George, the Spanish Lady (man) Bug--
Thanks to my hand model, C :)

Have a great Tuesday!

Enjoy the blue skies today.


  1. Beautiful flowers! That's the part of apartment living I hate... not enough sunshine, greens, or bugs! :)

  2. Thanks girl! Yeah I went to a local nursery here in town and told them I HAD to have the most colorful shade loving flowers they had! Haha :) Treehouse Nursery hooked me up!
    At my complex they actually tilled up some land and my man and me have a garden plot! It just makes me feel right at home :)


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