Pizza Time with a Twist!

I got the new Food Network magazine this week and a Bobby Flay recipe caught my eye...
Blackberry Bourbon Iced Tea!

It is delicious!

We wanted to have pizza night and thought this would pair great with it!

(By the way- I got new running shoes today! So excited! And I went to Target and got a new pair of flats... beware they have a lot to choose from!)

Here is how DC Pizza Night with a Twist turns out:
(Find the twist recipe here)

Ingredients for the "twist part"

 Mix the sugar, berries, and chopped mint together. Take a wooden spoon and mash this all together. Allow this to "macerate" for however long you can stand it. Taste it... it is amazing!

Yum! Bobby Flay rocks... 

 Now you are going to take your black tea (I steeped some tea earlier... using Tazo Chai Tea) and pour it over the macerated berry mixture. Let it sit for a bit.

Now take this and strain it into a pitcher. 
Like so...

Push it through with a spoon-- any berries that didn't get mashed before will now!

 Put some ice (we crushed some in the Ninja Blender) in your glasses.

I went with Bobby (He made) but Aarti's (She made) tea looked great too!

 Take your tea and berry juice and get it in the jars.

 Get every last drop!

 And now one shot each... or not! If you want this without the alcohol it would still be delicious!  Maybe do some sparkling water!

 In it goes!

And add some mint! This is straight from the DC Garden!

 And now for the pizza (here is another pizza night). We did DC homemade pesto (using fresh basil from the garden) on top of sour dough crust (from Publix) and then some chicken and LOTS of cheese (goat cheese for me)! 

 Here it is! Turned out wonderful and OH so tasty!

I hope Saturday has treated you right!


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