Seis de Mayo

One evening I came home to this...
Well him minus the stream haha.
A Mojito made by him.
Since things have been a bit "crazy busy" in my part of the woods... Cinco de Mayo was not on the top of my list. 

My usual celebratory activities include fish tacos and a mojito.. which is my favorite meal.
EVER. So that sweet boy made it happen the next night... leaving us with SEIS DE MAYO :)

Update on what I have been up to--- I have been blessed to find a spot to plug in here in Tuscaloosa and it has been such a great experience! I have been working with the Mayor's office where the Emergency Operations or his emergency team is located. My duty is to call our aide centers (who are doing an awesome job of fulfilling needs in the communities) and ask them how they are doing (if they need clothes, food, diapers, etc. then I get some out there via the warehouse or someone who wants to donate items). Donations have been overwhelming and heart warming! Along side the rocking Forestry men I have been blessed to work with, we call and make sure people get plugged in where they need to or bring their 53 FOOT trailer to the right location! Again... the response to our needs has been overwhelming.... THANK Y'ALL! WE must think long term at this point-- there will be houses, churches, stores, etc. that will need rebuilt once clean-up is done. Our town will be rebuild- just like the other towns in Alabama... just keep it in your heart to keep the prayers and help coming in the future :) 
While working there I found out some research that I am involved with received a grant... I do tornado research (as some of you may remember) and this (April 27th outbreak) will be one that will be studied thoroughly. I am now on a research team where we survey survivors (via iPads) and ask them how they got their weather information, where they sought shelter, etc. I have enjoyed talking to many of the survivors, and look forward to more survey days. 

Back to Seis de Mayo--- 
Friday night I get a call from David asking if I could make it back for dinner. I rearranged some things and gathered up my work from the mayor's office and knew I could make phone calls from home. I took off and came in to a surprise dinner! He cooked tacos and made mojitos! PERFECT!! He is really sweet. I really appreciated this more than any flowers.... then he cleans my kitchen and vacuums. 

Here are the pictures from our Seis de Mayo celebration!
My trio with goat cheese and some rainbow kale sauteed for the greens!

Another angle...

Last one :) Tasted so good!!

David had 3 but I wasn't quick enough to get the picture haha!

More traditional with the shredded cheese... the kale was awesome on these!

Last one!

This was great!! 
DC Mojito Recipe

You will need: 
Sparkling Water/Club Soda, Crushed ice (throw some in a blender... cover your ears and pulse away), Bacardi Rum (if you want a little spike, it is good without too), Stevia, Mint Leaves, and Lime!

What you will need to do:
For one--
Take around 12 mint leaves and cut a lime in half. Take the half and cut it into 4 pieces. (So far in glass... 12 mint leaves and 4 wedges of lime)... now muddle (this releases the goodies from the lime and mint) these together! 
Fill the glass with crushed ice (again take time to throw some in a blender just be prepared for the LOUD noise... I repeat, LOUD noise). 
Pour in 1.5 oz of Rum or not :)
Pour in 1 tablespoon stevia (roughly).
Top the glass (or mason jar in our case) with Club Soda or Sparkling Water.
STIR it up and that's it!

Smile :)


  1. 1.) I am so incredibly proud of you for the amazing work you're doing. You're such a humble servant, but I 'd just like to say that you rock.

    2.) Your dinner looks absolutely A-MA-ZING!

    3.) I couldn't have hand picked a better person to live above. How lucky am I? =)

  2. Court, I second everything Robyn said. You are such a sweet jewel. I'm so excited that you'll be able to study these historical tornadoes. You make such a special student of weather because of your compassion and your urgent willingness to help with the heartbreaking aftermath.

    Props to David, too! That meal looks fantastic. I love you so much, my dear friend.

  3. What a sweet man you've got! Oh you are a lucky one :-) I enjoy being single but you make me wish I wasn't!

  4. Thank y'all :) You guys are so sweet!

    Robyn I am missing you! I hope you and Ramona are doing swell :)

    Ashley... love you too! Looking forward to being blog buddies ;)


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