Week 6 Harvest Basket

What we got in the basket:
Salad Mix
Romaine Head Lettuce
Chioggia Beets (AKA Candy-cane Beets)
Rainbow Chard
Spring Onions

The veggies were so bright and pretty! I couldn't stop taking pictures...

I will keep you guys posted on the recipe(s) I choose from the weekly newsletter.

Y'all notice the red shoes in the picture below... that is David.

Y'all noticed the three sweets... or the NOT veggie things on the table??

He was begging me to stop taking pictures hahah... and I was hurrying myself. I mean look at them! We were ready to dig in... into our veggies and sweets of course!

Sooo here is the deal...
We pick up our harvest basket at a local bakery. Yea... so David usually picks it up, but I have been available to the past 2 weeks. I did avoid the sweets last week, because I got lost in the speciality cookware side of the bakery (I am hunting for a small wooden bowl with a top to store my Celtic salt in) BUT this week I COULD NOT. I mean the smell hit me when I walked in. I looked in the display case and already had my top choices picked out.... So I decided to SURPRISE David with some special treats because... it was Thursday and he is super awesome! 
So we have a macaroon, blondie, and some sort of dream bar (that is amazing!!!). 

Eat some sweets.
Eat some veggies.

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