Lettuce Wraps and Cake

Lettuce Wraps

What did I use??
Snowsbend Farm Buttercrunch lettuce from last week's harvest basket
 DC Garden homemade pesto 
Sandwich Meat (no time to bake chicken yet)
Goat Cheese

These are QUICK and EASY and so YUMMY!

Then David plated some sweets... I can't resist sweets. I can. NOT. 
The Angel Food Cake was brought back from the Farm (thanks Mom) and strawberries from a farm up there as well. The ice cream, WELL, Winn-Dixie special (thank you Leanne!)!

All about BALANCE right???

My friend (Leanne) and I are training for a 10k currently... 
mixing in our training program with Crossfit (so we get to eat a little more, right??? hah). Anyways we are doing Distance for Disaster Relief Run for Tuscaloosa Red Cross. 
More information is on www.tafalabama.com, under the links tab. You can choose to do a 5k, 10k, or 15k. All the money raised will go DIRECTLY to Tuscaloosa! 
I am raising money for my run, 10k... goal of $50! So if you would like to donate just shoot me an email! We will try to get it taken care of!

Have a great Wednesday!

Take a deep breathe... 
it makes your day better...


  1. Thank you :-) This post made my day a bit better

  2. Awww I am so glad it did!! It sure was yummy :)


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