Harvest Baskets Week 3 & 4

I have neglected to post pictures of our harvest baskets from week 3 and 4... 
Week 5 will come tomorrow so I thought I needed to play catch up :)

Basket contents for both weeks:
Salad Mix
Bok Choy
French Breakfast Radishes
Spring Onions
Garlic Scapes
Fava Beans
Red and White Turnips
'Rainbow Lacinato' Kale

Looking forward to week 5!
Recipe to come... 
DC Spring Onion and Tomato Soup
(It was AMAZING)

Y'all have a great Wednesday evening... 

Back to CrossFit today (already feeling it)!

OH! I get to go hang out with my church chicks tonight... 
Can't wait to get caught up on their exciting lives and memorize some scripture!


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