80th Post

Wow I cannot believe this is the big 8-0! 

In more "sweet action news:"
-David surprised me with a TRIPOD today for my camera!! 
-AnnTay Loft visit went great... got some more staple pieces to add to the "versatile" wardrobe!
-I made and finalized the work schedule! Yeppeee!!
-I officially have my quilt on my bed that my grandparents made! It is in the background of some of the pictures below... nothing, NOTHIN' HUNI, beats a homemade quilt!

Ann Taylor Loft... It was great! Got some STEALS! I even took some pictures... enjoy :)
I think I am ready for the Alabama heat... cool-crisp-classic colors and fabrics!

The belt... so many options with a white belt! 

The linen fabric makes the dark color on these linen shorts so cool! And that tie just begs you to tuck a top in!

Loving these colors! 

Darling little khaki jacket-- ENDless possibilities!  

This jacket has a tie in the back. Not the kind that is large and will hurt your back when you sit down (trust me I made sure), but a small one that defines your waist! And look at the sleeves-- and it is light weight... perfect for teaching in the fall (looking ahead a little-- all about versatility)!

Cute black cotton dress-- this is in my Alabama Summer Weather Preparedness Plan ;)

Happy 80th post! Woohoo!! I even spruced up the blog layout a little... nothing major! 
Thanks to all who are reading the blog-- it means so much!! 
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Dance... or watch Dancing with the Stars tonight!


  1. Oh wow, I love your clothing buys!! I have never shopped there. Crazy, huh?? Looks like I need to check it out!!

  2. You made some good choices even without me! I LOVE that belt and needed it for my trip! I am also loving your wording about your finds...sounds familiar;) GOOD JOB!!!


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