Pancakes, Eggs, and Berries

Have you ever made pancakes and realized you are missing a key topping??

I have!! Recently... 
Problem: No maple syrup.

Eggs on the side with goat cheese- YUM!! 

Strawberries-- DOUBLE yum!!!

These are tasty additions to a pancake breakfast BUT... Still need something to go on top of the pancakes.

NO syrup? 
PROBLEM SOLVER-- Turn to some preserves!! 

 The result-- a CLEAN plate :)

I have been a happy (temporary) owner of this bad boy for a couple weeks now... Thanks University of Alabama!! We did the survey collection via iPad for the tornado research (thanks for funding us National Science Foundation!!)! 
I do have to give him back though... can't do the data analysis on it... it was fun while it lasted!! 

Have y'all seen the new Tasty Kitchen blog? It is AMAZING!!! Go and check it out. It is a part of The Pioneer Woman blog... which is amazing as well. And the cupcakes shown on the iPad above... they are Jenna's doings... from Eat Live Run... which is, yup you guessed it, AMAZING!!

Have a great Wednesday!

Looks like a day of high winds and then thunderstorms Thursday. 
Stay safe and stay informed!


  1. Weird confession: I don't like syrup on pancakes!! Your breakfast looks yummmmmm!!


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