Week 7 Harvest Basket

Looking good! What a color FILLED basket we have here... 
red, purple, GREEN, orange, and yellow! 

What is in the WEEK 7 basket??
*Salad Mix*
*Cherokee Red Leaf Lettuce*
*Rocdor Yellow Wax Beans*

The strawberries are AMAZING! I look forward to them every week.

Cilantro-- I am thinking NACHO night... 
Want to know what kind of spices we utilize? Click away, Nacho Night!

Yummy GREENS! I want to do Kale Chips and try the GREEN drink that I have heard so much about... Kale Spinach Pear SmoothieEdible Perspective's Recipe. There are a ZILLION out there! I am new to Edible's blog.. lovin' it!!

Look at the Zucchini... I am thinking chopping it up and putting it with my quinoa. I will let ya know :)

So many vitamins and minerals there before us...  Just take a second... I know it is a overwhelming :) 

I read your mind... I am going to bet you are thinking "these beans look like FRIES!" Am I right??? 
Hahaha I totally think they look like them... they are not though... they are crunchy and tasty though!

Bugs Bunny is at the door wanting to buy these from me... ahaha!

Pretty... Looks like a GIGANTIC flower!

I see some good salads in my future!!

I know... they look like french fries :)

I can't wait to put up the update on the DC Garden. We have been working daily out there and it is looking great. I am so happy David and I like the whole gardening thing... let me tell you though, we are learning SO much!!

Off to make some Nachos!!

Cook tonight... it is fun!


  1. Zucchinis are my fav! I'm a part of the minority in the world that actually loves vegetables hehe

  2. The 'fries' remind me of when my sister used to bring carrots to school and tell her friends they were 'cheetos.' Ha!

  3. I think we think up the same meals when cooking! I've been wanting to try kale chips and the smoothie and I LOVE quinoa!


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