Sunny Sunday Snack

Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter
I bought a small packet of this at Winn Dixie... it is awesome!!

After church I spent some time out at the pool... then I remembered I had a long run this afternoon and decided I might need to come in and not get too hot before that :) 
This snack just gave me the perfect "perk" I needed!

I put half a packet of Almond Butter on a piece of Ezekiel bread and had a glass of fruited green tea. YUM!!

I made some green tea the other day and it has been AWESOME to have in the fridge! I usually make ice cubes to put in my smoothies but this time I just left it in the pitcher to sip on. Today I got some of my frozen berries and a packet of stevia and mixed that into my green tea... Very refreshing!

Now off to buy a new shower head before the run... yepee!
(I will give a full review of the new running shoes once I get a few runs in)!

Soak up the sun.


  1. Someone in one of my classes had that almond butter and said it was the best thing she's ever eaten in her life! Guess I'd better try it out! :)

  2. It is amazing girl! I agree with whoever the girl in your class is... it is the best ever! And you can get it in the little pouches, cheap and just a perfect treat :)


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