Basketball and Magazines

Watching the Alabama game the other night brought me back to my ol' bookkeeping years... good times good times :)

Bama will be playing in the finals of the NIT tonight... while I am being lectured at in my favorite class... THIS CLASS IS TORCHER. PERIOD. Ask my friend.
She will back me up on this statement.

Anyways, on a random note, wanted to share some of my favorite magazines for this month...

Thanks to my friend for sharing this one with me!

I LOVE this channel so of course their magazine doesn't disappoint!

One of my ALL time favorites.. I was brought to the light on this one on my Cali trip last year.

I hope Bama wins tonight and I hope my class is quick and painless (6-9pm, I am going to try to be positive here and think this painless situation is possible).


Laugh a lot...

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