Arizona to Atlanta

I got an iPhone! I am very excited... it is way better than my ol' Blackberry!

With Verizon!

So wanted to share the amazingness of an app called...

Super cool application... you can put filters on pictures you take! 
For my Arizona trip I carried my "big girl camera," 
but for this past weekend to Atlanta I used Instagram!

By the way, my traveling shoes...
 ...are officially put up for a weekend or two... or three!
I love traveling, but I am ready for a weekend here at my apartment where I can clean slowly and get some school work caught up (well try to get ahead a little bit).

Wanted to say thanks for the great hospitality shown by the Johnsons! Check out their blog there... they just bought their first home :) 

Here are some snaps (by Instagram) from over the weekend:

Breakfast at Mountain Biscuit

Ham and Egg biscuit with some black coffee!

And some Biscuit Syrup drizzled on top!

We went antique shopping. And I found so many adorable pieces!

A random beautiful flower in the yard

The BIG Chicken and its moving beak!
With some stormy clouds in the background.

Strawberry Chicken Salad from Star Light Cafe in downtown  Marietta, GA.

Fish tacos from Paradise/South of the Border

Margarita while listening to 2 great singers!

Meet Mr. Jake Johnson. Cutie :)

And the reason why we came... David got his certification!
I have brought back a traveling bug I think... 
Within the month of March, 
David and I have been from coast to coast (Arizona to Georgia)! 

I started feeling bad last night and now feel like I have the crud... 
Tomorrow is my birthday... woopwoop! 
I told my sister it just doesn't seem like tomorrow is my birthday... but it is haha Mom promised its March 29th!

I hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday and is VERY productive :)

Laugh A LOT, 

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