Date Night

Yes the movie, Date Night, is good. If you have not seen it, I recommend it. 


We play "what's their story" all the time thanks to this movie!

But tonight is Date Night for David and me! He asked me if I would like to go on a date tonight, and shockingly, I said yes. I really like how he still asks me to go on a date with him :) He is a sweetheart like that though-- we try to slide in a date on the weekend because we both keep busy during the week.
Sometimes I will want to go somewhere certain and I will plan it. And this week he decided all the details, such a man after my heart! So we are grabbing another couple and going for dinner at the 5 Restaurant here in town. It is a "newer" restaurant in the downtown area. We have been there once, and it was delicious... had a really cool atmosphere too!

So here is the deal with this place:
  • 5 drinks (each for mixed drinks, white wines, red wines, and beer)
  • 5 appetizers
  • 5 entrees
  • 1 nightly special
  • 5 desserts

I am excited-- it will be fun! 

My test was insane last night so I am ready for a night where I do not have to worry about a test or homework!

Tomorrow... I will be doing house work and school work! It will be raining... so  I will be inside anyways, might as well be motivated and productive! 

Be careful if you are out and about... just stay inside and watch a good movie and make the Nutella cookies! Yum... a bag of popcorn and a Nutella cookie to go along with that... WOW good stuff!

Have a great weekend! 

Laugh a lot this weekend :)

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