I have a jar...

of Nutella...
I have a jar of this leftover from crepe Saturday... 
and I found a recipe on Tasty Kitchen.... 
and it calls for only FOUR ingredients! 
So I think I need to make them. 

I have a midterm tomorrow night and I think I need a study break after church tonight. So I will be sure to let y'all know how it goes... if it doesn't happen tonight, it will go down this weekend. That jar isn't going anywhere ha.
It is Wednesday.... Hump Day! Half way through the week... wooohoo! 
Here is a music video of a song that has been following me... and by that I mean every time I turn the radio on it seems to be on! Which is sweet action...

Now for some church time then back to the books.. 
or baking Nutella cookies... 
or both. 
I am a woman/multitasker after all... :)

Have a great afternoon!

I get to spend it with these gals... sweet action!

Laugh a lot... it will make you healthy from the inside out! 

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