Spring is in the air

Happy SPRING! 

I have Spring Fever... and after Spring Break it just took on a whole new level!

Here are some shots from the farm when I visited over the break...

So here is a quick story... 
my 1st grade teacher, Ms. Helms, knows me as the Spring Fever child. 
My mom worked in the office back in the day, and I had overheard her talking to some people about having a case of "Spring Fever." I obviously had never heard of such a sickness, and decided that's what was wrong with me. So I am so "sick" for a couple days, and my teacher finally asks me what is wrong... 
well I told her I had a bad case of "Spring Fever!"
Yes I thought it was a real sickness, haha, and I decided that was what I had when in fact I probably was just having a little allergy/sinus problem.
So moral of the story-- if you work with kids (school, babysitting, church, etc.) and they state they have "Spring Fever" let them know that they will recover... around June, when it will transfer to Summer Fever :)

Vernal Equinox! 
Yah! This is when "Spring Fever" really hits me hard... school work starts to be not so interesting and not so important as compared to going for a run outside or laying on a blanket at the river....

So you may ask, what exactly does this "Vernal Equinox" mean? Although I am no Ms. Frizzle
here's the deal in a nutshell...
Vernal means "center of sun crossing the celestial equator" and Equinox means "equal day/night" (check this out for more information)

Have you seen some of the BEAUTIFUL sunsets we have been having? Here is one I captured on the farm...

I must get back to school work now but wanted to say HEY and remind you to LAUGH and I had to share the SPRING FEVER story of course :)

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