Nutella Cookies

I did it! David talked me into the cookies :) He agreed I NEEDED cookies to help me study... so after TWISTING my arm (haha yeah right.... I needed little to talk me into them) I whipped out the recipe (yes, already had it printed off)... and got my ingredients out.

Even in my little pantry stash I found the ingredients.... no trip to the store!

Again I got this from Tasty Kitchen (a sister site of Pioneer Woman's)....
they also have a whole section on pancakes--- hope to attack, ok get David to attack, a pancake recipe Saturday... I mean I did take time out of my beloved study time (hahah it was just so difficult) for him to have Nutella cookies tonight ;)

Pre-heat oven to 350.

Okay now you need:

All Purpose Flour (1 cup), Sugar (1/2 cup), 1 egg, and Nutella (1 cup)

And then the hard part:

Mix it all together in a bowl... it will be a crumbly mixture, don't freak out.


Form little balls (the recipe says 1 inch balls... I made mine a bit bigger). Then put them on your buttered or Pam-ed cookie sheet. Take a flat bottomed cup and just flatten the balls out to your likin' (thickness wise).

Following the flattening:

Bake for 7 minutes and take them out! Let them cool. It is hard but just let them rest.


Hurry as fast as you can and get one in your hand and have a glass of milk in the other. The cookies are still warm but you will be overcome by the taste and not even realize that your thumb is burning... Haha ;)

Yes we have an Ove Glove-- one of David's Christmas gifts I got him haha

I am telling you... 4 ingredients and maybe 10 minutes for the ENTIRE process. You just can't beat this. Thanks Tasty Kitchen contributor, missamy!

Sweet dreams! I have to get away from the cookies now...

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