Arizona Packing List

Good news... the test is over and I feel like I did the best I could!  
Praise the Lord :)

I do have class tonight, but first as soon as I get off work I am going to Newks to meet my friend! We are going to discuss Chapter 2 in So Long Insecurity; it was great, and can't wait to discuss it!!

My cousins had (okay she did but ya know what I mean) their baby today! So happy Tyce is here all healthy and with a full head of hair! Can't wait to meet him :) 
I am about to start a packing list for Arizona
I have my folder with all the tickets printed in there, directions to the hotel and to the college, and directions to some places to eat (just in case). 
*I didn't take these images-- all were Googled*

We are so excited to go visit a potential school for David!

Finally get to make the packing list and a Spring Break to-do list! It will be so hard to concentrate in class tonight!

I am aware that I should not be excited about making lists, but they make me happy and give that happy organized feeling :)

I will be packing tonight... I know one outfit (my new one from the Loft) will be packed away! It will be a warm, 80 out there, so shorts are coming out and the toes will be revealed (yah)! 
I will do my best to bring some of that warmth back with me! 

The big girl camera will be with me... can't wait to take pictures in an all new environment/place!

I have spent the last week studying and all the other normal graduate student week stuff and SOO ready for a BREAK... Spring Break to be exact. 
And my body is so sore from CrossFit this week-- for sure doing some stretching tonight.... great week of wod's!

March 13th 2:00am
Don't forget to Spring Forward!

Can't wait to share some great stories Monday when I get back!

Don't forget to laugh a lot this weekend :)


  1. Pleeeease bring back the warmth!! :) Have a fun & safe trip!

  2. Thanks girl! I hope the 80 degree temps follow me back.... have a great weekend :)

  3. someone in my home group this past monday was talking about beth moore's So Long, Insecurity book! and how good it was!! makes me want to read it! have a lovely weekend... i'll be working... boo.

    ahh, wod's! haven't seen that term in awhile! :D


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