Arizona Day 1 and 2

We are having a great time out in Arizona! 

The weather is just perfect and they say it is like this all but maybe 3 months (in which you experience wonderful DRY HEAT)... we have had 80's during the day and then it cools down to around 50 at sunset. 

The skies are the most beautiful blue, and the towns are just so darn cute and unique!

Day 1
 We traveled... ALOT! Then we drove around and looked at ASU's campus. 
They have an adorable downtown area and we had dinner at La Bocca (an urban pizzeria and wine bar). We had a HUGE chicken Caesar salad and an organic pork pizza... with some red sangria. Super delicious!

Oh and this cookie. Not just any cookie--- it is made to order. And with ice cream on top. Yes I have issues with milk, but this was so worth it! It was AMAZING! 
I want another one right now actually...

Day 2
David and I had a great time at SCNM for Discovery Day. 

We are so happy we got to come out here and finally see what they are all about. We got to hear from Naturopathic doctors that are in practice, students (1st years and 4th years), and financial/career advisers. The president spoke to us and many others! 

So informative, just what we needed! 

Here is a picture of the backyard at the medical school. This is the biggest tree we have found in AZ... haha but no doubt, this backyard was awesome. They have a botanical garden that the students are in charge of and a big open area where they hold galas and play volleyball/football! Fun stuff... and pretty flowers!

Then we went to Old Town in Scottsdale-- it was such a neat downtown! It is clean and pretty and so cool! So many art galleries and cool shops AND restaurants :)

We had tacos at Cien Agaves... SOO tasty :)

Then we just walked around-- here are a few shots of downtown :)

Looking forward to tomorrow-- we are going to Sedona, AZ! We are going to a cool place for breakfast then driving north-- a day of eating and hiking! 

We made friends.....

Happy I got to post on day 1 and 2 of our little weekend away! I couldn't wait to share :)
Good night!

Laugh a lot this weekend and don't forget to SPRING forward!

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