Days 3 and 4 in Arizona

We are officially back in Alabama.... 
after 3 delays and almost missing our flight (trust me the 1st delay was a blessing) we are back to the real world!

Arizona was great! We just couldn't have asked for a better trip!

So what did we do on days 3 and 4... what did we not do?!

Day 3...

We got recommendations on places to go, things to eat, and what places to hike from the people at SCNM (Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine... David's future school possibly). 

**Side note: the only "bad" thing, and it didn't affect us too much because we didn't stay in the room hardly any, was that we were put in a smoking room at the hotel. 
I guess that is what we get for purchasing the cheapest package on CheapTickets... even though I requested a NON-smoking room. 
Anyways, wasn't that big of an issue (they brought in some ozone machine, which was supposed to take the smell away, righhttttttt).... 
the point is, we were gone pretty much every day and just used the room for about 10 hours or less per day (including sleep time and getting ready). We would wake up and hurry to get ready and dart out of there! 
Hahah it was a race to see how fast we could get up and out of there and how long we could stay away from the room!

Okay back to day 3 happenings...

So we got up and headed out pretty early Sunday. We went to a darling place, D'Lish. It is a breakfast/lunch/coffee cafe and SOO cool! 

Go inside or grab-n-go!
Quinoa with Almond Milk, seasonal fruit, granola, and maple syrup for me! 
California Club for David! Protein packed!
We then headed north to make our way to Sedona!

A lot of pictures are below! I think they tell the story of Day 3 better than me :)

To summarize the pictures below in one long run on sentence with lots of semi-colons:

We drove north about an hour and a half from Scottsdale;
We stopped along the way for an adventure down to this cool stream we saw from the road;
We crossed a fence (David jumped the fence- failure would lead to a crash in the cactus, I was concerned, but he is cactus sticker free, whew);
We crawled on our hands and knees under thorny bushes and well it was an adventure;
Then we hopped back in the car and headed to Sedona;
Stopped at an art show;
Arrived in Sedona;
We got lunch at Wildflower Bread Company then found a bench with a view and ate and admired the landscape; 
Walked around Sedona talking to locals;
Went to the Chapel of the Holy Cross; 
Hike/rock climb to the vortex at Cathedral Rock;
Drove to a vineyard and enjoyed a flight of Arizona wines; 
Decided to head more north to Flagstaff;
Took the scenic drive where we went from having visions of John Wayne and cactus to tall trees and snow and elk;
Drove on Route 66 through downtown Flagstaff; 
Experienced no civilization for about 100+ miles; 
Had to eat at Sonic or a casino... and from the looks of Sonic we chose the casino;
Lost $10 (my sister is the lucky one with this sort of stuff) in a slot machine and left (first time in a casino though so we had to go for it... I know big spenders); 
Got lost on our way back because I was delirious, hum yeah, sorry again David :) 
Arrived back at our smokey room and crashed!

Our Ride. 
David jumps the fence. 
If he jumps too far, he would land on this. 
Adventure down to the stream. Looked way closer from the road.
I turn around and he is balancing on a rock in this fast moving stream, haha! 
Art Show 
Sedona, AZ
Our view for lunch. 
It was hard not to touch these. They look so pretty but know how to poke a poke! 
I thought the top of the rock looked like Mario and Luigi. 
And the other side of the beautiful cross. 
The door to go in. I like how it reflects the background.
The climb/hike/rock climb... aka our WOD (workout of the day)
Possibly my favorite picture during the trip. The sky, sun, rocks, landscape, all of it!  
Sweet man took our picture after we made it all the way to the vortex! 
Had to check out an Arizona winery!
Another pit-stop along the road- beautiful river running through the rocks! 
And we get 30 degrees cooler, snow on the mountains, and trees! Who would've thought? 
The sky was gorgeous! 
And snow covered mountain in the distance.
Route 66
As far north as we got- Flagstaff, AZ 
A shocking way to end day 3-- hey it was that or a Sonic.
And Day 4 we ate at D'Lish again- drove around ASU's campus- went to Crossfit Southwest- stocked up on snacks at good ol' CVS and bought me some bandaids (I was not so graceful on this trip haha)- ate at Pita Jungle (sooooo good)-- and made our way back to Alabama.

Flower in the gardens at SCNM!
I think the warm-sunny weather followed us back :)

Laugh a lot today!


  1. The west is sooooo amazingly beautiful! Looks like y'all had a great trip! You should nominate your photo for the National Geographic Traveler's photo contest... would have a great chance if you ask me! :)

  2. Thanks girl! I hope you are doing great-- really enjoy your blog :)


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