Singin' In the Rain...

I love this movie. It is a 1952 film, and every time it rains I either sing this or Its Rainin Men... today is a Singin' in the Rain kinda day. This is based in one of my favorite time eras... the 20s :)

I hope everyone dresses accordingly... 
These are some items I usually layer on with this sort of weather

I got my red trench for my 21st birthday!

At School... good ol' North Face
Always the Vera Bradley Umbrella
These are a must!

I have a major test on Thursday... so prayers would be much appreciated! I hope everyone is having a GREAT Tuesday!


  1. i LOVE singing in the rain! and always seem to sing those 2 songs when it rains too! :D have a lovely day!

  2. You just can't help but smile when thinking of those two songs! Love 'em! Thanks girl, you too!


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