Red High Heels

I said good-bye to my red high heels...

Not just any pair... 
my first pair of red high heels...

I bought them in Dallas, TX. I bought them, felt like everything was right in the world, and with the red high heels in hand I boarded a plane for my first plane ride. Yes, I traveled in them, I was in love. And when I got back I started college. These were my first pair of "big girl" heels. Full of beauty and PAIN, but I felt it was necessary to start college.

Speaking of my first time on a plane... I was by myself and all excited in a new outfit. Felt like I could conquer the world, because I had red high heels on. I sat beside these two sweet men who coached me through the first plane take off of my life. They gave me some bubble gum so my ears wouldn't bother me. By this point, the brainwashing wore off (you know what I am talking about when we sell ourselves the shoes with "these shoes aren't that painful"), we landed and I found out my plane was about to take off. I had to RUN through the airport in these beautiful babies. 
Needless to say I was the LAST person to board and sat down, buckled in, rolled the jeans up, and pulled out my flip-flops to slip on. AHH relief... after feeling came back in my feet and lower legs. 

I am getting to the point now where I know I will or won't wear certain things in my closets. Saturday I pulled everything out and had a little in-house shopping spree, I highly suggest it to all females (free clothes right?). I only kept basics and what I would feel comfortable in wearing now and what is "my style." I took the items that didn't "yell Courtney" and sold them at Plato's Closet and got some cash. I haven't even considered wearing these red high heels for a good 3 years now, so I called my best friend and told her I was about to turn them over to someone else, and to make sure I wasn't making a "crazy decision." She agreed and promised we would find me another pair of red high heels and I would love them even more :)

I am off to chill and memorize some verses with my favorite 5-6th grade girls!

Have a great Wednesday... 
WOOHOO Wednesday for me... I successfully "weeded" out the closets and well into my thesis work :)
Laugh a lot today/tonight!

P.S. Wanted to mention the passing of Elizabeth Taylor... Other than Cleopatra, my memory of her is from my Mamaw Margaret who has always smelt of White Diamonds (always bought by my grandpa).

My favorite picture taken over Christmas... Papaw givin' Mamaw a smooch

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