I met my mom and sister in Birmingham on Saturday and we had lunch at Superior Grill then went to World Market! We had a lot of fun, and found some great stuff (shocking I know) in there. I got 2 new glasses to get me in the mood for Spring and some cute storage containers (.99 each, oh yes)! I also surprised David with a crepe pan... it was a late Valentine's gift :) His original gift has been bumped back (thanks Rite-Aid) for another celebration!

Cuteness in a cup!
Great if you buy your spices in bulk!
I also bought a book--- I needed a devotional-type book that I can read either at night or in the morning. I have heard a few GREAT reviews on this one... so I chose it!

Let me tell you... my grad school friend, C, and I made a commitment to memorize verses (1 per week, month, whatever we can do) and BOY have they come in handy! I told her it is like once we made that commitment things got really tough really fast. We find ourselves reciting and depending on them more and more. So as another form of "defense against evil" we want to read this book and discuss it at least once a week. Maybe an hour or even 30 minutes of discussing 5 pages or a chapter from this book! 

Have any thoughts on this book?  Let me know! We are curious to know how it has helped others out!

Got feedback? Let me know!

This is a "get with it" Wednesday for me... 

I made a list (shocking I know):

  • Put away the pile of clean clothes in my room (I am usually waiting for them to come out of the dryer to fold... and well it just didn't happen this go-round). 
  • Do my Severe Weather Assignment.
  • Meet about thesis and pet paper at 1pm.
  • Go through my Methods notes for the review tomorrow night (note areas of confusion.. in the "cint," C I know you get that hahah).
  • Yoga... Cross-fit kicked my toosh this week... it hurts to walk, yessss.
  • Read in the book.
  • Love on my girls tonight at Nightshift.

Crazy chicks.

Watch the weather late tomorrow night--- we have a chance for some intense thunderstorms.

I am putting the NWS graphic up on the weather tab!

Laugh a lot today-- it is WEDNESDAY, hump day, half way through the week!

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