I just can't wait to see these chicks tonight-- I am needing to see them and their smiling faces!

I hope the snow won't hold us up-- if it does though, we are taking them to the 
"Power of Pink" gymnastics meet Friday!! OH YES!! 

Alabama vs. Auburn: Friday night at 7:30

I am sore from Crossfit--- like I am afraid to wake up tomorrow because I know how sore I am going to be. Haha I love it though! Seeing how far you can push yourself-- and let me tell ya, no thoughts of school go down while working out (which is a good thing).

Today my grad school/life friend and I will be picking a verse to memorize! I am TRULY blessed to be in school with such a Godly woman-- it makes the tough times better. We encourage one another and that is what it is all about. Our goal is to pick a verse and memorize it... maybe 1 per week... or month. 

The snow is coming :)

Laugh. Show Kindness.

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